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Cutting-Edge Solar Solutions

Gridmaster Solar One is a provider of state of the art & easy to install Solar Canopy Systems which empowers our clients with a holistic solar carrier system that facilitates the generation of clean electricity, while preserving the intended functionality of the space.

Space in densely populated areas is scarce ...

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Revolutionizing Solar Energy With the Gridmaster Solar One Tower

The Gridmaster Solar One tower represents a game-changing innovation in the solar energy landscape. While solar power is set to dominate global electricity markets, traditional projects face challenges due to extensive land requirements. For instance, powering just one megawatt demands at least six acres, with ...

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Gridmaster Solar Tower Power

LARGE Tower (43’ x 43’ , 120’ tall)

Designed for 250+ kWp rated installed power. Optimally designed for large scale industrial solar farms. Designed to store 3.5 MW of Baseline Energy Storage Systems or other forms of energy storage (pumped hydro, etc

Medium Tower (43’ x 43’ , 80’ tall)

Designed for 200+ kWp ...

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