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Explore the incredible Franchise Opportunity with Gridmaster Solar One, Inc. If you're coachable, we offer financing for 93.35% of the franchise cost, along with our turnkey solar franchise sales system.


Explore the opportunity to be part of our innovative solar franchise network. At Gridmaster Solar One, our Mission is to have 2,000 Franchisees within the next 5 years. Our Goal is to introduce advanced Solar Technology to the world one city at a time.

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Why own a Gridmaster Solar One Franchise? There are 3 reasons. #1 - Our Franchisees are Visionaries. #2 - We guarantee your success if you're coachable. #3 - The gamechanger Gridmaster Solar Tower Technology.

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Winner: Alesia B.
Franchisee of the Month - May '24
Alesia B.
Winner: Belinda, H.
Franchisee of the Month - April '24
Bridgette H.
Nerida P.
Jonathan N.
Miguel R.
Tehuti D.
Mike Jr. H.
Toni A.
Nerissa K.
Lorinda M.
Levella H.
Ernest C.
Darnell W.
Abbagail E.
AdoniYah E.
Belinda H.
AthaliYah E.
Alvina E.
Silvia P.
Larry W.
Rashedah D.

Franchise Basics

The Franchise Process:

The First Step to Gridmaster Solar One Ownership

Our team wants to hear from you! To get started, fill out the form and let us know your level of interest.

The Gridmaster Solar One Team Meets you

Our team wants to get to know you and wants you to get to know us. We will schedule a virtual meeting to go over additional questions and details.

Franchise benefits Include:

  • Virtual & No Territory Limits
  • Product Knowledge
  • Ongoing Training
  • Established Brand
  • Global Network
  • Expertise in retention
  • Guidance in acquiring licenses
  • Network of vendors
  • Marketing Support
  • In House Financing
Corporate Member: Co-Founder/CEO - Michael Henry

Michael Henry serves as CEO and Founder of Gridmaster Solar One. It is perhaps the role that all of the many years of his business history has prepared him for. Gridmaster Solar One is a business venture that is very near and dear to Michael’s heart because he leads by serving others and Gridmaster Solar One is a timely opportunity to accomplish his goal of leading 2000 successful franchisees to share in the historic transition to solar energy. Although that is quite a significant goal, Michael has played a leading role in the molding of other business leaders for over 44 years.

CONTACT eMail: [email protected]

Corporate Member: Co-Founder/Executive Trustee - Art Edwards (Maheteme Selassie)

Maheteme Selassie, also known as Art Edwards, serves as the Executive Trustee at GRID MASTER SOLAR, a leading player in the clean energy sector. With over 38+ years of comprehensive experience in the generation, transmission, distribution of electricity, as well as a deep understanding of communications and business principles. Selassie is a seasoned professional in the energy industry and a graduate of elite prestigious apprentice & technical educational institutional systems. He is a specialist and his experience and educational background provides a solid foundation for his role in the solar energy engineering field. 

CONTACT eMail: [email protected]

Corporate Member: PR/Media/Developmental Officer - Dr. Vida Harley

Dr. Vida Harley has over 30 years of expertise in community and capacity building, Dr. Vida Harley stands at the forefront of social and entrepreneurial leadership as the President and Founder of Women Entrepreneurs Matter, Inc. Under her guidance, the organization has become a beacon for fostering growth, networking, and empowerment among women in business. Dr. Harley's visionary leadership is rooted in a deep commitment to nurturing and expanding opportunities for women entrepreneurs, leveraging her extensive experience to build sustainable, inclusive communities. A seasoned professional, mentor, and passionate advocate, Dr. Harley also brings to the table significant expertise in marketing, media, and public relations, enhancing her ability to shape public narratives and promote business initiatives effectively. She continues to inspire and propel the entrepreneurial spirit, ensuring that women's contributions to business and community are recognized and valued.

Corporate Member: CFO - Patricia Whitlow

Patricia Whitlow earned a BA in Business Management and an MBA which served to prepare her for a solid business background that spans both the non-profit and for-profit sectors. Patricia served for 11 years as Director of Operations of a non-profit agency aimed at providing guidance to emerging entrepreneurs and managing commercial and residential real estate. Her experience extends to the retail and manufacturing arenas. During the course of 18 years, Patricia amassed a personal portfolio of over 5 million dollars in residential real estate. Patricia’s hobby is reading and conducting research on topics of interest. She has come out of semi-retirement to join GridMaster Solar One as Chief Financial Officer.

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