International Division: Bringing Solar Solutions Worldwide

At Gridmaster Solar One, Inc., our commitment to sustainable energy extends beyond borders. With our International Division, we offer our patent-pending Solar Tower and comprehensive services to clients around the globe. Leveraging our United States-based operations, we ensure seamless shipping, handling, and international trade, complying with all legal requirements.


As a one-stop commercial solar installer, our EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) approach simplifies the solar journey for our customers. From engineering the solar system to procuring the necessary elements and constructing the tower or canopy on-site, we handle every aspect of the project. This turnkey solution not only streamlines the process but also ensures accountability and ease for our clients.

Our green footprint spans across continents, with ongoing and prospective projects in various countries and regions, including Belize, Bolivia, Trinidad and Tobago, Ghana, Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan, Philippines, Netherlands, and Sweden. Whether in Europe, Africa, Asia, or the Americas, Gridmaster Solar One is dedicated to spreading the benefits of solar energy worldwide. Join us in powering a sustainable future for generations to come.


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